HI-Q Lasers


OEwaves breakthrough HI-Q Lasers are based on the self-injection locking of a semiconductor laser diode to our proprietary high quality factor (Q) WGM Crystalline Micro-Optical Resonators. These tiny optical WGM resonators enable OEwaves to produce small scale form factor ultra-low phase/frequency noise semiconductor lasers, suitable for volume manufacturability. 

The small mass of the WGM resonator allows for low power, and robust thermal stabilization lasers that are insensitivity to vibration and shock.  The wide range of optical transparency of the resonator host material allows narrowing the linewidth of a suitable laser at any wavelength, UV to far IR, thus making this capability available in wavelength ranges not previously accessible with conventional techniques. HI-Q Lasers offer various optional features including extended thermal wavelength tuning range, wide bandwidth frequency modulation, USB or RS-232 control interface, and a variety of common optical interfaces.  The ultra-narrow linewidth laser family consists of the following standard products:

HI-Q 1 Micron Laser 
HI-Q 1.5 Micron Laser 
HI-Q 2 Micron Laser
HI-Q Custom Laser (370nm to 4500nm) 


These products and features are suitable for a variety of new and emerging applications including but not limited to:

Coherent LIDAR
Optical Metrology and Spectroscopy
Interferometric Optical Sensing
Smart Structures
Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Dection
Gas Sensing


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