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Honors and Awards

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SPIE Prism Award 

2013 WINNER for the Micro-Opto Electronic Oscillator in the Defense
and Security Category
2012 WINNER for the Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser in the Other Light Sources Category
2010 FINALIST for the Phase Noise
Test Measurement System in the 
Test and Measurement Category


 Prism Award

2013 IEEE C.B. Sawyer Award 

Dr. Lute Maleki, President and CEO
of OEwaves, was the recipient of the IEEE C.B. Sawyer Award
CB Sawyer Award 

2013 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

OEwaves is a WINNER of the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award. 


Los Angeles is the innovation capital

of the world. The Los Angeles Business Journal recognizes the importance of supporting innovation in order to foster the economic competitiveness of the region. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong shares this important vision. The 4th annual Innovation Awards dinner provides a unique opportunity to meet this year’s recipients, along with other influential entrepreneurs currently driving business development in our region.

 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards


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