OEwaves Subcontracted to Develop Wideband High Performance Electro-Optic Modulator for Receiver Front End

Company to prototype high finesse and wideband electro-optic micro-resonator modulator in support of University of California at Los Angeles’ (UCLA) DARPA contract to develop and demonstrate an All Dielectric Non-Electronic Radio Front End (ADNERF).

(September 23, 2008) OEwaves, Inc. has been awarded a contract by UCLA to develop a wideband, high dynamic range EO resonator modulator prototype that is highly sensitive and small in size, weight and power (SWAP), ideal for high performance receiver front end applications. OEwaves will prototype the EO resonator modulator and integrate it with an all-dielectric antenna for the radio front end. The UCLA ADNERF effort is part of the DARPA Electro-Magnetic Pulse Tolerant Microwave Receiver Front-End (EMPIRE) program.

OEwaves’ micro-resonator technology is a critical element in the highly sensitive non-electronic receiver front end architecture required by advanced radar and defense communication systems against intense electromagnetic radiation. The EO modulator is based on the patented technology of crystalline whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical resonators.

"This award demonstrates yet another unique application based on OEwaves’ proprietary WGM micro-resonator technology," said David Seidel, Vice President of Product Development of OEwaves, Inc. "We’re delighted to cooperate with UCLA on this special DARPA program."

Applications for high performance EO resonator modulator based microwave photonic receiver front ends extend beyond electromagnetic damage tolerant radar, electronic warfare (EW), and signal intelligence (SIGINT) system requirements, and includes space, satellite, and commercial microwave communications.