OEwaves Receives Contract from DARPA to Develop an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) Immune All-Dielectric RF Photonic Receiver

OEwaves will develop, demonstrate, and test an RF photonic receiver targeting DARPA’s Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Tolerant Microwave Receiver Front End (EMPiRe) program.

(August 30, 2010) DARPA’s challenging EMPiRe program seeks to develop a microwave receiver front-end capability that will survive and operate short pulses of high energy while maintaining high sensitivity, bandwidth, and dynamic range.

OEwaves’ novel approach will achieve the performance goals of the EMPiRe program and result in delivery of the All-Dielectric Photonic-Assisted Radio Front-End (ADNERF) with a compact and scalable design, which is practically unmatched in compact conventional receivers. The receiver development will be based on OEwaves’ platform technology of crystalline whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonator.

"We are extremely excited to be selected as a Phase II performer in this challenging program," said Lute Maleki, President and CEO of OEwaves. “OEwaves microwave photonics success toward meeting the requirements of EMPiRe in Phase I will be extended to address the more challenging goals of Phase II.”

The WGM optical resonances occur in circularly symmetric dielectrics structures ranging in size from tens of microns to a few mm, which trap light in a small volume. OEwaves’ crystalline WGM resonators have material properties that lead to high performance receiver operation.