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OEwaves achievements in generation of mid-IR Kerr frequency combs are highlighted in the recent issue of Optics Letters, OSA Publishing. To access and view our article, click here.  

 Generation of Kerr combs centered at 4.5 μm in crystalline microresonators pumped with quantum-cascade lasers

Optics Letters Vol. 40, No. 15 (2015)


We report on the generation of mid-infrared Kerr frequency combs in high-finesse CaF2and MgF2 whispering-gallery- mode resonators pumped with continuous-wave room- temperature quantum cascade lasers. The combs were centered at 4.5 μm, the longest wavelength to date. A frequency comb wider than one half of an octave was demonstrated when approximately 20 mW of pump power was coupled to an MgF2 resonator characterized with quality factor exceeding 108.   

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 Company Publishes "Ultra Low Noise Miniature External Cavity Semiconductor Laser

Pasadena, California – July 9, 2015 – OEwaves, Inc. (“OEwaves” or “the Company”), an innovator of microwave photonic technologies and products, is pleased to announce the publication of "Ultra Low Noise Miniature External Cavity Semiconductor Laser” in the June issue of Nature Communications.  Based on the proprietary ultra-high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) micro-resonator technology, OEwaves reports on the realization of a heterogeneously integrated, chip-scale semiconductor laser featuring 30 Hz integral linewidth as well as sub-Hz instantaneous linewidth in the article. 

Lasers with high spectral purity are key elements that determine the ultimate achievable sensitivity in advanced optical systems. Various applications, such as LIDAR, high resolution spectroscopy and optical sensing, quantum information science, atomic clocks, and spectrally pure photonic microwave generation require ultra-narrow linewidth lasers to optimize their performance. Beyond this, high data rate optical communications, including coherent communications, require lasers with low frequency and amplitude noise.

 “This paper describes the unprecedented performance of a miniature semiconductor-based laser.  Such a laser will better support many existing applications, as well as enabling a variety of new applications not previously possible” said Lute Maleki, President and CEO of OEwaves.

OEwaves proprietary high-Q WGM crystalline micro-resonators are capable of phase/frequency noise/linewidth reduction for a wide range of laser wavelengths in the UV, visible, and near and mid-IR regions.

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