OEwaves Mid-IR Frequency Combs highlighted in Optics Letters

OEwaves achievements in generation of mid-IR Kerr frequency combs are highlighted in the recent issue of Optics Letters, OSA Publishing. To access and view our article, click here.  

 Generation of Kerr combs centered at 4.5 μm in crystalline microresonators pumped with quantum-cascade lasers

Optics Letters Vol. 40, No. 15 (2015)


We report on the generation of mid-infrared Kerr frequency combs in high-finesse CaF2and MgF2 whispering-gallery- mode resonators pumped with continuous-wave room- temperature quantum cascade lasers. The combs were centered at 4.5 μm, the longest wavelength to date. A frequency comb wider than one half of an octave was demonstrated when approximately 20 mW of pump power was coupled to an MgF2 resonator characterized with quality factor exceeding 108.   

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