OEwaves Subcontracted to Develop Low Phase Noise Opto-Electronic Oscillator for Future Radar Exciters

Company to prototype high performance and reduced size, weight, power (SWAP), and cost oscillator in support of Raytheon's DARPA contract to leverage opto-electronic oscillator (OEO) technology in Radar Exciters

(May 16, 2008) OEwaves, Inc. has been awarded a contract by Raytheon to develop a high performance and reduced SWAP OEO prototype that will generate reference signals in the X-band with low phase noise for future radar exciter architectures. OEwaves will build the oscillator in support of a joint Raytheon DARPA contract/IRAD effort involving Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems, Integrated Defense Systems, and Missile Systems business divisions.

OEwaves' spectrally pure OEO technology will address the urgent need for improving current and future radar system performances. The focus of OEwaves' contract is to deliver a compact X-band oscillator suitable for deployment in various ground, shipboard, and air based moving platforms, capable of providing low phase noise outputs with low intrinsic sensitivity to acceleration, among other critical parameters.

"Raytheon is the leader in advancing the radar technology for military and civilian applications, and we are excited to collaborate with Raytheon on this work which potentially inserts our OEO technology into their future high performance radar platforms," said Lute Maleki, President and CEO of OEwaves, Inc. "This contract is a great opportunity to demonstrate the unique advantages of the OEO for demanding radar systems that cannot be obtained with conventional approaches."

The demand for compact high performance oscillators with similar performance parameters extends beyond military radar system requirements and includes precision weather and civilian radars, satellite communications, and scientific instrumentation and test equipment