2 Micron Narrow Linewidth Laser Module - Gen. 2


The module offers ultra-narrow instantaneous linewidth of less than 200Hz and low phase/frequency noise in a compact form factor.

The 2 Micron Narrow Linewidth Laser Module houses a proprietary driver/controller and the OEwaves laser source which is based on a high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) micro-resonator. The laser is scalable to a variety of wavelengths within 1900-2100nm range.

The unique technology of the 2 Micron Narrow Linewidth Laser Module leverages the self-injection locking of a suitable commercially available laser diode via a resonant optical feedback from a high-Q WGM micro-resonator. Its monolithically integrated approach, along with micro-scale mass and volume, make the laser virtually insensitive to environmental vibrations.

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