Target Applications


OEwaves has developed technology that takes advantage of small, low-loss optical components that meets the needs of high performance communications and radar systems.
Future military radar and communication systems will continually demand more bandwidth, higher dynamic range, more multi-functionality, and higher sensitivity. These systems require significant performance enhancements and increased sensitivity to operate in a clutter environment to detect small signals due to slow moving objects, and to also detect fast projectiles with small cross sectional areas.

A major obstacle in meeting these requirements has been the unavailability of high performance microwave oscillators.
OEwaves is pleased to offer a solution to this problem with our patented technology based on a unique electro-optic feedback loop.


OEwaves offers next generation improvements to microwave receivers based on novel photonic approaches.
Size, weight, and power (SWaP) are the primary issues associated with specialty microwave instruments on next generation platforms. These platforms include, but are not limited to, unmanned aerial and ground surveillance and combat vehicles. Our whispering gallery mode (WGM) micro-resonator is critical in reducing the SWAP in these receivers.
WGM resonator-based high-speed reconfigurable filters of large order and efficient modulators are critical in high Spur-Free-Dynamic-Range (SFDR) receivers, which are needed for SIGINT, EW, Radar, GMTI/AMTI, and other high detection sensitivity applications.


OEwaves has developed and demonstrated a fully automated phase noise measurement system based on its OEO technology to meet such test and measurement requirements and demand. No other existing test and measurement equipment is capable of measuring its performance level without having an equally high performance signal source.