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Visit us at Booth #3438

Photonics West Exhibition: 31 January-2 February 2023

OEwaves will be displaying our Multi-functional, Multiband Laser Noise Analyzers as well as our 4th Generation Laser.

Come see our innovative systems that have unmatchable performance!

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The linewidth of the laser does not change…in theory at least. In high performance lasers, such as OEwaves’ OE4030, the linewidth is stabilized by self-injection locking to a microresonator, so to cha

Lasers come in all sizes and performance grades. But the choice of the laser determines the ultimate system performance. Consider, for example, the use of a semiconductor laser in optical communicati

Developers, manufacturers, and users of lasers often need to characterize the noise performance of their device. Depending on the application, however, the parameter of interest could be phase noise,

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