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HI-Q® Ka-Band Opto-Electronic Oscillator (Ka-Band OEO) offers unprecedented low phase noise and low vibration and acceleration sensitivity in its class for signal sources.

The unique design of the HI-Q® Ka-Band OEO is based on the photonic generation of spectrally pure signals at RF and millimeter wave frequencies that enable OEwaves’ signal sources to scale to higher frequencies with little to no penalty in phase noise performance. This is accomplished through the patented technology of ultra-high quality factor (Q) crystalline whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical resonators.

The high performance Ka-Band OEO allows enhanced radar system visibility, stable clocking, increased channel capacity of communication systems and high capacity, high frequency next generation wireless communication systems. This level of performance, in a micro-chip form factor, enables new capabilities in legacy as well as new markets for a variety of terrestrial and airborne applications.

OEwaves HI-Q KOEO.png


  • Frequency: 28 - 36 GHz (Other frequencies available)

  • RF Output Power: +5 dBm

  • Phase Noise: -110 dBc/Hz @10 kHz

  • Output Return Loss: 12 dB


  • Extended Temperature Range: -40 °C to +85 °C

  • Vibration/Acceleration Sensitivity:           5 x 10 ¯¹¹/g

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  • Low Phase Noise/Jitter

  • Low Spurious Content

  • Micro-Chip Form Factor

  • Frequency Scalability

  • EMI Tolerant

  • High Stability

  • Low Vibration/Acceleration Sensitivity


  • Airborne Radar Systems

  • Stable Clocking

  • Test and Measurement

  • Tele/Satellite Communication

  • Wireless Networks

  • Analog to Digital Conversion

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