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Making Waves With Photonics Innovation
Making Waves With Photonics Innovation

Building Solutions for Next Generation Communications, ISR, Sensors, and Quantum Systems.

OEWaves lasers

Single-mode, ultra-narrow linewidth coherent laser sources available at wavelengths between 370 and 4500 nm

OEWaves oscillators

Extremely low-noise opto-electronic- based RF signal sources suitable for low-SWaP applications

OEWaves optical-test system

Highest linewidth, frequency noise and RIN sensitivity analyzer configurable for wide wavelength bands between 420 nm and 2100 nm

Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators (WGMR)

High quality factor and finesse crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators.

Lock Box Silver Final.jpg

Phase lock two lasers together with a high laser lock frequency and an offset up to 50 GHz.

OEWaves  rf-test system

Homodyne based ultra-low phase noise floor analyzer with user friendly interface for quick and sensitive microwave phase noise measurement

OEWaves Latest News

Latest News

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