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HI-Q® Products


HI-Q® Laser systems are based on the self-injection locking of a semiconductor laser diode to our proprietary high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) optical micro-resonator to achieve robust super-narrow instantaneous spectral linewidth as low as < 1 Hz. 

Optical TMS

HI-Q® Optical Test and Measurement systems are capable of proudly measuring laser phase noise and estimating its FWHM linewidth down to < 3 Hz without complex setup or reference lasers normally required to make such a narrow linewidth measurement.


HI-Q® Opto-Electronic Oscillators apply our groundbreaking advancements in the field and include our X-Band OEO and Ka-Band OEO as well as our highly-anticipated Ultra-Wideband Photonic Synthesizer. 


HI-Q® RF Test and Measurement system is fast and fully automated and yields the spectral density of the phase noise of an RF or microwave signal source at any operating frequency in the specified bands.

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