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Measuring Phase Noise

The OE4000 HI-Q® Laser Linewidth/Phase Noise Analyzer features advanced capabilities for single frequency laser source characterization all in one system.

Common questions:

How to measure laser linewidth and also detect laser instability and jitter behavior?

OEwaves OE4000 Laser Linewidth/Phase Noise Analyzer is capable of measuring ultra-narrow linewidth and observe optical frequency jitter and stability over time with the optional laser frequency monitoring feature.

Can linewidth/phase noise analyzer monitor laser frequency drift?
OEwaves OE4000 with the optical frequency monitoring option enables the user to determine the laser under test’s frequency drift in the time domain.  

How to verify interference signal effects on the laser source?
The optical frequency monitoring feature available as an option in the OEwaves OE4000 Laser Linewidth and Phase Noise Analyzer may exhibit laser under test frequency disturbances and deviation over a period of time.



Flexible Performance Sensitivity

Choice of phase/frequency noise floor, and thus, linewidth sensitivity allows wide range of laser spectral  performance testing.


RIN Analysis

Laser noise testing is not complete without relative intensity noise characterization conveniently incorporated within the same test system.


Laser Frequency Monitoring

Extending beyond short time scale frequency noise analysis, optical frequency monitoring enables laser stability and jitter behavior characterization in the time domain.

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