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HI-Q® Yellow Laser

Blue laser with ultra-narrow Lorentzian Linewidth and low phase/frequency noise in a compact form factor in the 550 nm range

The HI-Q® laser houses a proprietary driver/controller and the OEwaves laser source which is based on a high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) optical micro-resonator. The laser is available at a variety of wavelengths around 550 nm.

OEwaves HI-Q Lasers.png


  • Wavelength: 550 nm

  • Spectral Linewidth: Sub-Hz to 10 Hz

  • Output Power: 1 mW - 5 mW   

  • Thermal Tuning Range: ≤ 10 GHz mode hop free

  • Monitor / Control Interface: USB


  • Frequency Modulation: DC-100kHz

  • Monitor / Control Interface: RS 232

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  • Ultra-narrow Instantaneous Laser Linewidth

  • Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise

  • 550 nm Wavelength

  • Low Vibration Sensitivity

  • Low Residual Amplitude Modulation

  • Wavelength Stability

  • Compact Package

  • Integrated Driver/Controller

  • USB or RS-232 Control Interface


  • Quantum Computing

  • Coherent Communication

  • Atomic Clocks

  • Frequency Control

  • Optical Metrology and Spectroscopy

  • Acoustic Sensing

  • Interferometric Optical Sensing

  • B-OTDR Temperature and Strain


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