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Using a homodyne methodology, HI-Q® Laser Linewidth / Phase Noise Analyzer offers a fully automated measurement of ultra-low phase noise CW laser sources.

HI-Q® Laser Linewidth / Phase Noise Analyzer is capable of rapidly measuring laser phase noise and estimating its FWHM linewidth down to < 3 Hz without complex setup or reference lasers normally required to make such a narrow linewidth measurement.

This homodyne-based system is unique in wideband measurement without requiring another low noise reference laser source. The complete system operates with ease, speed and precision via a simple graphic user interface on an embedded PC accessible via user supplied eternal PC or monitor/keyboard/mouse. No additional test equipment required. The unmatched ultra-low phase/frequency noise analyzer is scalable to various input wavelength bands and is available with low relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement option.



  • Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise Measurement Capability

  • Fast Real-Time Measurement

  • Instantaneous and Extended FWHM Linewidth Analysis

  • No Low Noise Reference Source Required

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Simple PC-based Operation

  • 3U x 19” Rack System

  • Customizable Configurations, Upgrades, and Options

Factory PC option shown


  • Phase Noise Floor: -140 ± 2 dBc/Hz @ >1 MHz

  • Optical Input Power Range: +5 to + 15 dBm

  • Offset Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 1 MHz  

  • Resolution Bandwidth: 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz

Optional Configurations

  • Multiple Input Wavelength Bands within 630 nm-2.2 µm

  • Ultra-low Noise Floor

  • RIN Measurements

  • Extended offset Frequency Range up to 2 GHz

  • Extended Input Power Range

  • Remote Operation

  • Performance Level and Frequency

  • Range Options and Upgrades

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