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Photonics West - Booth 3678

Photonics West Exhibition: January 30th through February 1st.

OEwaves will be displaying our Multi-functional, Multiband Laser Noise Analyzers and ridiculously narrow linewidth lasers at the premier photonics event.

Come and talk about your low noise photonic needs and learn about OEwaves' unique capabilities to create and measure low noise signals from RF to UV.

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Ridiculous…but Nice!

When an OEwaves customer referred to our lasers as having “Ridiculously Narrow Linewidth”, we took that as an expression of their amazement at how a semiconductor laser in a small, cellphone sized pac

The Winking Linewidth

The linewidth of the laser does not change…in theory at least. In high performance lasers, such as OEwaves’ OE4030, the linewidth is stabilized by self-injection locking to a microresonator, so to cha

Are you being held back by your Laser?

Lasers come in all sizes and performance grades. But the choice of the laser determines the ultimate system performance. Consider, for example, the use of a semiconductor laser in optical communicati

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