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Guide for Laser Noise Analysis and Noise Control

Developers, manufacturers, and users of lasers often need to characterize the noise performance of their device. Depending on the application, however, the parameter of interest could be phase noise, frequency noise, linewidth, RIN or all of the above. Often noise reduction devices are also required to help improve the laser performance.

OEwaves Multi-function Laser Noise Analyzer (OE4000) offers the ability to measure and characterize all noise parameters, in configurations where only one or a combination, or all noise types can be measured within one or multiple wavelength bands of interest from visible to near IR regions. Other options associated with the OE4000 product family include continuous monitoring of the frequency deviation of the laser, and the option for reduction of the linewidth of the laser. These configurations are provided to address the needs of the customer and provide them with a specific or a comprehensive solution.

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