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OEwaves Introduces W-Band Ultra-Low Phase Noise Analyzer

Updated: Jan 24

OEwaves Introduces W-Band Ultra-Low Phase Noise Analyzer

PASADENA, Calif. – May 12, 2022 – OEwaves, Inc., a leader in innovative microwave photonic products and solutions, today announced a new ultra-low phase noise analyzer system for measuring phase noise and timing jitter of millimeter wave sources and amplifiers from 40 to 110 GHz+. This advanced, yet simple to operate, test system boasts an absolute phase noise floor of better than -150 dBc/Hz via dual channel cross-correlation option, without requiring any external low phase noise reference source or mixer. Based on OEwaves patented photonic cross-correlation homodyne detection, the exclusive microwave photonic design also provides the ultra-low phase noise system floor independent of operating frequency, potentially extending into the terahertz region.

The product provides a cost effective and user friendly ultra-low phase noise measurement system exceeding noise performance requirements of emerging military and civilian millimeter wave applications. It operates with ease, speed, and precision, via a simple graphic user interface on a native notebook PC, without requiring any additional test equipment. The measurement system is available in a variety of configurations and options, including extended input frequency and offset frequency ranges, ultra-low phase noise W-band local oscillator output, and two-port residual phase noise, RMS jitter, AM noise, and limited pulsed source noise measurements, among other customizable features.

Next generation 6G mobile communication research, civilian and military radar and satellite communication applications utilize increasingly demanding millimeter wave sources, where strict low phase noise characterization is critical. OEwaves’ advanced HI-Q® W-band Ultra-Low Phase Noise Analyzer offers simple and fast options suitable for a wide range of millimeter wave products, where low phase noise/jitter measurement are required.

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About OEwaves, Inc.

OEwaves, Inc., headquartered in Pasadena, California, sells unmatched low-noise, narrow-linewidth lasers, opto-electronic oscillators, and phase noise measurement systems for advanced communication, sensing and quantum systems and beyond. OEwaves has been ranked in the top 20 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Semiconductor Manufacturing Patent Power and is ISO9001/AS9100D certified.

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